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    Upcoming Events

    Dates Event Venue Status
    14-16 May, 2018(Postponed) Workshops on implementation of WTDC-17 outcomes, ICT Innovation in Africa and ICT Regulatory emerging issues TBC Postponed
    4-7 June, 2018 2nd meeting of the Working Groups for WRC-19 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Confirmed
    18 au 21 Juin 2018 3ème réunion préparatoire du groupe Afrique pour la PP-18 de l’UIT, Centre International des Conférences Algiers, Algeria Confirmed
    9-10 June, 2018 Special Session of the ATU Administrative Council Nairobi, Kenya Confirmed
    13-14 August, 2018 4th Preparatory meeting for ITU PP-18 Nairobi, Kenya Confirmed
    15-16 August, 2018 Conference Preparatory Committee (CPC) Nairobi, Kenya Confirmed
    16-17 August, 2018 5th Ordinary Session of the ATU Plenipotentiary Conference (CPL-18) Nairobi, Kenya Confirmed
    17-21 Sept, 2018 APM19-3 for WRC-19 Cairo, Egypt Confirmed
    19-21 March, 2019 Capacity Building on Mobile Broadband TBD Planned