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    9 - 11 September 2013

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    Roaming Workshop:

    Venue:Hilton Hotel, Nairobi - Kenya

    Invitation letter,

    Draft agenda,

    Registration form,

    List of hotels

    General information about Nairobi

    Combating SPAM Program,

    ATU/ISOC Spam Workshop: Presentations

    ATU ISOC Spam GSMA Text Spam Prevention,

    ATU ISOC Spam Spam IQ,

    ATU ISOC Spam spamhaus project,

    ATU ISOC Spam Top Ten things to do about spam

    ATU ISOC Spam Who is MAAWG 2013

    ATU ISOC Spam German Internet Industry presentation,

    ATU ISOC Spam Legislation in Netherlands

    List of Participants Spam Workshop Sept 2013 Nairobi,


    ATU/GSMA/AUC/ITU Mobile Roaming Workshop: Presentations

    20130909 Africa Regulators Pack Final

    GSMA AU Africa Roaming Workshop - What is IMR 090912

    GSMA-ATU Roaming workshop Nairobi 10 September 2013 ND

    Institutional and Regional Regulatory Initiatives

    ITU presentation on Recommndation D 98 at the ATU roaming workshop

    Mobile Roaming In Africa_ECOWAS_September 2013

    Regulatory Approaches to IMR in Other Regions 100913

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