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What is the African Telecommunications Union?

The African Telecommunications Union is the leading continental organization fostering the development of information and communication technologies infrastructure and services with a current membership of 46 Member States and 10 Associate Members.

What are the aims and objectives of the African Telecommunications?

Our mission is to promote the rapid development of info communications in Africa in order to achieve universal access, and full inter-country connectivity.  We envision an Africa that is empowered as a full and active participant in the global information and knowledge society.

How is the African Telecommunications Union managed?

The main organs of the African Telecommunications Union are the Conference of Plenipotentiaries, the Administrative Council, the Technical and Development Conference, and the General Secretariat headed by the Secretary General.

Who can be a member of the African Telecommunications Union?

Following the adoption of our new constitution, the Union has transformed from a purely intergovernmental agency into a partnership between public and private stakeholders in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector.  In addition to Member States, network operators and other ICT players can now join the Union as Associate Members.  And ten network operators have already joined.

Why should I become a member of the African Telecommunications Union?

The African Telecommunications Union provides Associate Members with forums to share information and experiences around specific areas of interest; gives you an opportunity to contribute to the development of regional policies, regulations, standards and treaties...


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