The 2nd Session of the Administrative Council will convene to discuss matters pertaining to the general operations of the Union including the following key issues:-

  • Secretary General's Report for the
    2000 - 2001 period.
  • Future programme activities.
  • Associate Membership recruitment drive.

Other highlights of the session will be:

An information forum covering matters of interest to ATU such as:

  • OAU Reform & 2001/2002 Economic Integration Programmes
  • ITU Reform & 2001/2002 African Regional Programmes
  • Presentations on Cross-Border Projects (Satellite, Fibre-optic and Microwave),
  • African Connection Centre and others.

An online facility to access Council documents has been introduced.

Members of the Administrative Council may avail themselves of this facility by requesting for User name and Password from the General Secretariat on the following fax or e-mail address:

Fax No: + 254 2 219445
E-mail :

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