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The African Telecommunications Union comprises…



The Conference of Plenipotentiaries

The Conference of Plenipotentiaries, is the supreme authority of the Union, and meets every four years to adopt the strategic plan and the fundamental policies of the organisation.  The Conference also decides on the organisation and activities of the Union.

Hon. Mutahi Kagwe
Minister of Information & Communication; Kenya

The Administrative Council

The Administrative Council meets annually to consider broad policy issues in order to ensure that the Union’s policies and strategies fully respond to the constantly changing info-communication environment.  The Council is also responsible for ensuring the efficient coordination of the work of the Union and the approval of budgets.

Chairperson:  Cameroon, represented by Mr. Henry Ntoupendi


The Technical and Development Conference

The Technical and Development Conference provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to examine policy, operational, regulatory, technical and investment related issues necessary for the rapid development and expansion of info-communications on the continent.


The General Secretariat

The General Secretariat headed by the secretary general, handles all the administrative and financial aspects of the Union’s activities.  Each core activity programme has a coordinator.  In addition, there is a membership relationship coordinator who ensures that the secretariat meets the changing needs and expectations of the membership in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Mr Akossi Akossi
Secretary General

Conference of Plenipotentiaries

Administrative Council

Technical and Development Conference

General Secretariat…

Secretary General

Global Decision-making Contribution Coordinator

Institutional Capacity-building Coordinator

Regional Market Integration Coordinator

Infrastructure Investment Promotions Coordinator

Membership Relationship Coordinator


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