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Integrating regional markets

Goal… To accelerate integration of ICT services into larger regional economic-based markets to realise economies of scale and lower costs.

Strategies… Developing model policy, legislation and regulatory frameworks; and facilitating regional economic communities to harmonise policy and regulatory frameworks.

Achieving continental integration has been a key objective of African leaders since the inception of the Organisation of African Unity, now African Union.  More recently, we have seen the emergence of regional economic communities as building blocks towards continental integration.

Larger regional economic-based markets realise economies of scale and lower costs.  Integrating regional markets for information and communication technologies (ICTs) requires harmonisation of policy and regulatory frameworks.

What we do

Through this programme, ATU works with regional economic communities to harmonise policy and regulatory frameworks.  This will enable the creation of larger regional markets for information and communication technologies and increase private sector participation.

To realise our goal, we are…

  • Developing model ICT policy, legislation and regulatory frameworks for adoption by regional economic communities.

  • Facilitating regional economic communities to harmonise ICT policy and regulatory frameworks of their member states.

Core activity partners

To realise the programme’s goal, we cooperate with the African Union and other relevant organisations including…

ECA: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
ECOWAS: Economic Community for West African States
IGAD: Intergovernmental Authority in Development
COMESA: Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
CEN-SAD: Community of Sahel-Saharan States
SADC: Southern African Development Community
URTNA: Union of National Radio and Television Organisation of Africa
PAPU: Pan-African Postal Union


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