• frenchieeng4

    Dates Activity/Event Venue Organizer
    4-7 March 2019 WTDC-17 and PP-18 outcomes and the 1st Preparatory meeting for WTSA-20 and capacity building on Regulation issues Rabat, Morocco ATU
    19-21 March, 2019 (TBC) 3rd Working Group meeting for WRC-19 TBD ATU
    19-21 March, 2019 (TBC) Workshop on ICT Innovation and e-Skilling TBD ATU
    21-23 May, 2019 20th ATU Administrative Council Session 2019 Zambia (TBD) ATU
    22-26 July 2019 (TBC) African Preparatory Meeting for WRC-19 (APM-4 for WRC-19) South Africa ATU