• frenchieeng4

    Dates Event Venue Status
    4-6 April, 2018 19th ATU Administrative Council Kampala, Uganda Confirmed
    15-17 May, 2018 Capacity Building Workshop on ICTs Regulation and Standardization on emerging issues. Venue TBD Planned
    4-7 June, 2018 2nd meeting of the Working Groups for WRC-19 TBD Planned
    18-21 June, 2018 3rd Preparatory meeting for ITU PP-18


    Algiers, Algeria (TBC) Planned
    13-14 August, 2018


    4th Preparatory meeting for ITU PP-18


    Nairobi, Kenya Confirmed
    9-17 August, 2018 5th Ordinary Session of the ATU Plenipotentiary Conference (CPL-18) and Associated meetings Nairobi, Kenya Confirmed
    17-21 Sept, 2018 APM19-3 for WRC-19 Cairo, Egypt Confirmed