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    Upcoming Events

    Dates Event Venue Status
    11-15 September,2017
     APM19-2 for WRC-19. Dakar, Senegal Confirmed
    30-31 October, 2017
    Capacity building on Satellite Regulations, Licensing and latest developments. Nairobi, Kenya Confirmed
    6 – 8 December 2017 Three day ATU Ministers Forum under the Theme: “Regulation of Telecommunications/ICT in Africa: Review and Prospects” and Commemoration of 40 Years of ATU Anniversary Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire Confirmed
    24-26 January, 2018 (TBC) Capacity Building Workshop on ICTs Regulation and Standardization on emerging issues. TBD Planned
    14-16 February, 2018 (TBC) Capacity building workshop on modern mobile spectrum licensing including spectrum auctions and associated re-farm modalities, and modern spectrum monitoring TBD Planned
    20-22 March, 2018 (TBC) 2nd Regional preparatory meeting for ITU PP-18 Abuja, Nigeria (TBC) Planned
    4-6 April, 2018 (TBC) 19th ATU Administrative Council Kampala, Uganda Confirmed
    8-10 May, 2018 Regional Summit for policy makers, Regulators and the private sector on the Evolution of ICTs in Africa. Venue TBD Planned
    19-20 July 2018

    23-24 July, 2018

    25-26 July, 2018

    27 July, 2018

    Special Session of the ATU Administrative Council

    3rd Preparatory meeting for ITU PP-18

    Conference Preparatory meeting for ATU CPL-18

    5th Session of the ATU Plenipotentiary conference (CPL-18)

    Nairobi, Kenya Planned