• frenchieeng4

    Dates Activity/Event Venue Organizer
    17-21 Feb 2020 Experts workshop on generation of Satellite notices Nairobi Kenya ITU-R/ATU
    30 March – 3 April 2020 1st prep meeting for WTDC-21 back to back with a High Level Forum on OTT Dakar Senegal (TBC) ATU
    20-24 April 2020 First Coordination meeting for the GE84 Optimization project TBD ATU/ITU-R
    25-29 May, 2020 21st ATU Administrative Council [Communication Strategy] and High Level Forum on OTT Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire ATU
    29 June – 3 July 2020 (TBC) Consultative Forum and Ministerial Roundtable on Africa IMT2020/5G strategy Seychelles ATU/ITU-R
    20-24 July 2020 Final African Preparatory meeting for WTSA-20 Accra, Ghana ATU
    3-7 Aug 2020 1st Preparatory Meeting for WRC-23 (APM23-1 for WRC-23) Cameroon (TBC) ATU
    14-16 Sept 2020 Workshop on Innovation Egypt (TBC) ATU
    7-9 Dec 2020 ATU & ICT Day – Child Online Protection (COP) Workshop TBD ATU