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    SEAMCAT Training, Nairobi, 30-31 January, 2017

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    The SEAMCAT Training opened today the 30th January, 2017 at the Nairobi Safari Club Hotel in Nairobi (Kenya). The two-day training is intended for co-existence studies between radio communications systems operating in the same or adjacent frequency bands by way of simulation of systems operating mainly under terrestrial services and quantification of probability of interference.
    The training is attended by over 100 participants drawn from 24 African countries, Associate members from the industry, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and several participants from the private sector including universities. The training is being conducted by the experts from the European Communications Office (ECO). ATU is grateful to ECO for conducting the training, on our request.
    The training will equip participants with hands-on experience on SEAMCAT usage in carrying out co-existence and compatibility analysis between wireless systems. The training is seen as crucial in the quest of optimizing the use of spectrum at national, sub-regional and continental levels. Also, the training is critical to equipping the African region conduct studies as technical contributions to the ITU study group work on wireless system development, in particular, introduction of new systems.

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