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Application of computers and microprocessors to the construction, installation and protection of telecommunication cables, Edition 1999 Second World Telemedicine Symposium for Developing Countries
Guide for ITU-T and ISO/IEC JTC 1 cooperation (free download) Guide to the use of ITU-T publications produced by Study Group 5 aimed at achieving electromagnetic compatibility and safety
Operational Bulletin and Lists annexed Orange Books (WTSA Book 1 and 2)
Protection of Telecommunication Buildings from Fire Handbook on Marinized Terrestrial Cables, 2001
Additions to the Handbook on Telephonometry, 1999 Additions to Section 3 of the Handbook on Telephonometry, 2002
Colloquia Briefing Report Colloquium No.8: Telecommunications regulatory issues for electronic commerce
Final Acts of the Plenipotentiary Conference (Minneapolis, 1998) ITU Global Directory 2002
ITU Internet Reports: IP Telephony, 3rd ed. 2001 Resolutions and Decisions of the International Telecommunication Union
ITU-D Recommendations Africa Telecommunication Indicators 2001
Americas Telecommunication Indicators 2000 Asia-Pacific Telecommunication Indicators (5th Edition, 2002)
Asia-Pacific Telecommunication Indicators 2000 (See also 2002 edition above) Final Report of ITU-D Focus Group 7:  New Technologies for Rural Applications
Financial Institutions Offering Resources for Telecommunication Projects & Technical Assistance in Developing Countries June 1999 [4th Edition] GMPCS Reference Book (Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite)
General Trends in Telecommunication Reform Guidelines for a New Approach Using Telecommunications Management Network (TMN), 1st edition 1999
Guide for the introduction of a Computerised Subscriber Management System (CSMS) Manual on Mobile Communication Development, Geneva 1997
Issues in Telecommunications Development Reports on Questions of Study Groups 1 and 2 and ITU-D Recommendations 
Reforming the Int'l Accounting Rate 1999 - 1st edition   2000    

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