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Africa One project is an optical fibre submarine cable network that is planned to go round the African continent with landing points on some coastal countries and connected to global optical fibre submarine cable systems.

One of the objectives of the project is to link African countries to one another and the rest of the world with high capacity communications systems that will serve the traffic demands generated by the high growth of internet, e-mail, e-commerce and telephone service all of which are stimulated by low tariff rates.

The project is expected to be operational in the year 2002.
For more information, link to the following website:

Contact Person:
Mr. De Leu
Regional Managing Director/ Africa
Tel: +254 2 571103
Fax:+254 2 572524

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RASCOM project is Africans' satellite solution to the Africans' communications
problems. The project will provide space segment required for national and international telecommunications services in all African countries; in particular, it will provide the following services and facilities:

· Telecommunication services in rural areas of African on a large scale at very low tariff rates;
· Inter-urban links within a country;
· Direct links between Africa countries;
· Sound and television broadcasting;
· Provision of value-added service eg internet,

The last milestones in the implementation of the project are:

· Finalising the co-ownership agreement in January and February 2001.
· Creation and registration of the RASCOM-BOT company: (RASCOM*Star) in February 2001.
· Placing an order for the selected satellite by ALCATEL and PDR by March 2001.
· Pilot project in some selected African countries to test the functioning of the RASCOM ground terminals to be used on the RASCOM system by June 2001.
· Launch of the satellite through co-ownership by the last quarter of the year 2002.
· Operation of the first dedicated satellite system for Africa by the first quarter of the year 2003.

For more information link to the following website:

Contact Person:
Mr. Christien Sagoe
Tel: +225 20 223674/223683
Fax:+225 20 223676/223679

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The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is promoting the establishment of a regional telecommunications network that will be built and managed by COMTEL Communications Ltd. a private limited company. The objective of the project is to facilitate increased trade relations within the region that cover the following twenty countries: Angola, Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Madagascar, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sudan, Swaziland, Uganda, D R Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

COMTEL backbone network is configured to include a mix of optical fibre, high capacity terrestrial radio and satellite systems. The network will carry voice, data of variable bandwidth and TV programmes.

For more information link to the following website:

Contact Person:
Dr. A Dafalla
Tel: +260 1 229725/32
Fax: +260 1 227318

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The East African Community presently comprising of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is planning to install an optical fibre transmission system linking capital cities and a number of major towns in the three countries. The purpose of the project is to improve trade relations among the three countries. The project is estimated to cost US $60m

For more information link to the following website:

Contact Person:
Mr. Elias Bahanda
Project Manager
Tel: +255 27 250 4456
Fax: +255 27 250 8939

African Telecommunication Regulatory Information Exchange
Second quarter 2000
The purpose of this project is to establish a comprehensive electronic reference library of the telecommunication regulatory situation in all African countries. This library will include, inter alia, telecommunication regulations and legislation. The project aims to enhance information exchange between and among African countries, as well as to disseminate this information to potential investors.

Status: Proposed

Web Site Development for African Regulators
Second and third quarter 2000
This project aims to assist African Regulators that do not presently have web sites to establish and maintain their own web sites. Assistance in the technical development, as well as training, will be provided.

Status: Proposed

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