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    To have a trustworthy digital space requires start-ups,Apps developers,etc to deliver #SafetyByDesign to raise the level of safety from the start. #OnlineSafetyDialogue @fsl3 Discussion continues .....

    ATU & @ericsson signed an MoU for a project aimed at collating best practices & formulating recommendations.
    The team shall be composed of experts from ATU Member States & Associate Members.
    The project timelines are as shown below:
    @CA_Kenya @UCC_Official @ESCCOM_eswatini

    All sound broadcasting licensees must comply with local music content quotas as provided for in the South African Music Content Regulations of 2016. The regulations are available on this link >

    Véritable trait d’union entre le Régulateur et le grand public, le Centre d’Ecoute des Consommateurs de l’ARPCE ou 5050, traduit la volonté de l’ARPCE de garantir le respect des droits des consommateurs et de les protéger contre les pratiques commerciales illicites⬇️

    A commercial deal in Kenya marks the first application of balloon-powered internet in Africa.
    On Tuesday, Loon in collaboration with Telkom Kenya deployed a fleet of high-altitude balloons delivering internet service to Kenya
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