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    Before disaster strikes;

    1. Learn what to do in different types of emergencies;

    2. Write down important contacts for local authorities;

    3. Keep a battery for power back up to charge cell phones in case of power outage. #ATUDay_EmergencyComms

    Disaster preparedness 101:
    1.Sign up to receive emergency alerts and warnings on your wireless phones
    2.Move quickly to higher grounds in case of flooding

    visit to learn more. #Emergency-Telecommunications-ATU

    The ATU Workshop held last week created a platform where African states engaged in conservations on mechanisms for raising capacity for effective climate change-related planning and management.
    #Emergency Telecommunications-ATU

    Thank you, Mozambique, for hosting the 42nd Commemoration of
    #ATU Day.
    Special thanks to the
    Mozambique Ministry of Transport & Communication and the Regulator, INCM. #Emergency-Telecommunications-ATU @arecom_moz

    Dear Mozambicans,

    We met during the ATU Roadshow 😀.

    As we discussed; please learn what to do in different types of emergencies.

    Remember, in case of emergency; call 823441 or 820000022/820000055 for help. #Emergency-Telecommunications-ATU

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