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Benefits of joining…

ATU provides members with forums to share information and experiences around specific areas of interest.  In particular, the forums…

  • Provide an environment conducive to networking between firms and with government authorities;

  • Create awareness of development issues and identify measures to be taken;

  • Help develop partnerships and synergies conducive for exploiting integrated regional markets; and

  • Promote the visibility of the African ICT players.

Features of membership…

Whether you are a regulator, network operator - fixed or mobile, broadcaster, internet service provider, ICT manufacturer, or a training institution, ATU membership will provide you with…

  • Benchmarking opportunities and contact information for counterparts;

  • Access to key government policy makers and networking opportunities with peer organisations;

  • Information on the state of the industry, investment opportunities, and ongoing initiatives; and

  • An opportunity to contribute to the development of regional policies, regulations, standards and treaties.

Membership package…

Associate members share in the cost of the operation of the Union by making annual contributions.  Depending on the size of your organisation and the membership profile desired, there is a choice of three contribution levels…

  • Corporate-Gold: One unit @$8,340

  • Corporate-Silver: Half unit @$4,170

  • Corporate-Bronze: Quarter unit @$2,085

The benefits far outweigh the investment…

Join ATU Today!


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Notification of Relocation of Office Premises
The General Secretariat of the Union has relocated to Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) Building, Waiyaki Way, (opposite) Kianda school.
Tel: + 254 20 4453308, 4453358
Fax: + 254 20 4453359