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    ATU Heads of Delegation met this afternoon to take stock on the progress of regional issues since the beginning of the Conference so as to strategize and bring everyone to the same level. @atu_uat @sg_atu @CA_Kenya @J_Omo77

    ATU leadership team caucusing on critical regional issues to the Radiocommunications conference in Sharm El Sheikh @atu_uat @sg_atu @CA_Kenya @J_Omo77

    Two weeks have passed since the opening of the WRC-19 in Sharm El Sheikh & the discussions have been getting intense with a view to arrive at compromise positions. Most of the work is now in the drafting groups & negotiations b/w regions ongoing on areas with challenges @J_Omo77

    5G’s future hangs in the balance at WRC-19. From cleaner oceans & efficient transport systems to safer factories, smarter cities & preventative health care, we're counting on 5G innovation to improve lives. WRC‑19 outcomes will determine if it can happen.

    ATU Secretary General Mr Omo with the chairman of the requlator in Chad Mr Yamdana Yyes and his team when they held discussions on how to collaborate together on ICT matters for the benefit of people in Chad especially the girl child. @atu_uat @sg_atu

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